Arts are a Learning Catalyst

Welcome to Untie the Right Brain

The Arts can improve the performance of a student, a teacher, a class, a school and a district. The challenge is to deliver that catalyst effectively, enlightening teachers, engaging students and energizing the performance of both. Untie the Right Brain will stage four catalytic “Openings” that will boost 175 targeted teachers from high-need schools, transforming them into ArtsMasters who will energize their students and other teachers for years to come. The First Opening – Working with more than a dozen high-need districts, Ringling College of Art and Design, Eckerd College, Southeastern University and the University of Tampa will blend their specialties and stage 7 “Find Arts” sessions for 175 teachers from dozens of high-need schools this summer. The sessions will launch these teachers on a track that leads to their master’s degrees in education with an infusion of the Arts. The Second Opening – Ringling College of Art and Design and the Florida Independent College Fund will create an online-social network for Arts teachers with resources, modules, faculty coaching, inter-active teacher support and a lesson plan library. The Third Opening – Untie the Right Brain will provide eight school year follow-up sessions for teachers and a gathering of all 175 teachers to bolster this emerging network of Arts teachers. The Fourth Opening – The partners will unveil a map for each teacher to a master’s degree and scholarships for 100 of those teachers that commit to become Arts coaches in their schools after they complete their degree studies. Untie the Right Brain is a right-minded strategy to untie the right brain of teachers, their colleagues and future teachers, transforming them into catalytic teachers, equipped to energize their students and boost their performance.